The purpose of the association is to act as a network for students interested in transportation and infrastructure engineering, to allow its members to form new connections, and to encourage members to exchange ideas with each other and with industry professionals.

This is how our association rules define our activity. In practice that means annual varied excursions, trips to seminars, and other events in collaboration with the companies in our field and with other associations, not to mention the merry get-togethers. Even job offers pop up in our mailing list occasionally.

Most of Linkki’s members are from the Guild of Surveying Engineers, but everyone interested in Linkki’s activities is welcome to join!

The Linkki board has meetings approximately ten times per year.


Linkki has many annual and regular events:

  • Participation in Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency’s RATA seminar in January each even-numbered year
  • British Sauna Evening together with guests from Leeds, Great Britain, in April
  • Members Only party held with other associations each potential Wappu
  • Head-on-collision (“Nokkakolari”) summer party in July or August
  • Participation in Passage and Traffic (Väylät&Liikenne) seminar in September each even-numbered year
  • The Legendary Pizza-beer-sits (“Pizzakaljasitsit”) in October
  • Transport Academy Day (“Liikenneakatemiapäivä”) seminar starring industry professionals and tackling a new theme each November
  • Christmas Election Party Meeting (“Pikkuvaalijoulukokous”) at the end of each fall semester

In addition to these, there are company excursions and other visits to interesting destinations throughout the year! Previously we have visited HKL’s metro depot, the bridge of a Silja Serenade cruise ship, a road construction in progress, and an ice hockey game, covered by our sponsor.

If this sounds good to you – Join us