Linkki In Brief

Linkki is an association for Transportation and Highway Engineering students of Aalto University as well as other people interested in the subject. It was formed loosely under the Guild of Civil Engineers (Rakennusinsinöörikilta, IK) but has moved more towards the Guild of Surveying Engineers (Maanmittarikilta, MK) after recent organizational changes at the university. We cooperate with several companies in the field. (A list of sponsors can be seen at the bottom of the page.)

The association was founded in the spring of 1994, though precise details have been lost in the mists of the past. The original idea was to "get together every now and then to drink wine and discuss transportation-related matters." Around the turn of the millennium the activity had subsided to the point that the then-chairman of IK wasn't aware of the club's existence... However, since then it has rebounded and currently has a few dozen active members. In 2007, the club was finally officially entered in the national Register of Associations.

By now several activities have established themselves as traditions:

Besides these, there are of course many more one-off events! Highlights include visits to the depot of Helsinki Metro and Helsinki-Vantaa airport, and every now and then we seem to get invited to sports matches for free...

If you wish to learn more or join the club, feel free to contact the board at linkki-hall(at) Please note that for practical reasons, most of our activity is conducted in Finnish. That said, someone will almost certainly interpret for you if you participate in an event!

Kiitämme toimintamme tukemisesta:

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