Nokkakolari 2023


Linkki’s already traditional summer sitz event Nokkakolari will be held this year on Saturday, August 12th. The event kicks off with a park pre-party, Linkki-themed games, and a welcoming drink in the grassy area of Otaranta starting from 16:30. After that, we will head to the club room in Otaranta for the actual sitz, which begins at 18:00 with the sound of the gong. During the sitz, you’ll have the opportunity to sing your favorite sitz songs and enjoy a steaming hot meal. One of the highlights of the evening has traditionally been the transportation to the afterparty using the most unique means of transportation. Come and find out what it will be this year!

The registration for the event opens on this website on Monday, July 24th, at 12:30  and closes on Sunday, August 6th, at 23:55. The dress code for the event is traditionally summery, with a cap and Linkki-green attire. The event is only intended for Linkki members, and there is space for the first 40 participants, so it’s worth being quick!

WHAT: Amazing sitz evening; The coctail pre-party + sitz + mystery after party = Nokkakolari

WHERE: Preparty at Otaranta grass area and sitsit at Otaranta club room (Otaranta 8B cellar) + mystery after party outside Otaniemi

WHEN: Saturday 12.8., pre-party at 16.30-> and sitsit at 18.00->

WHY: Because of sitz, Linkki, summer and mystery afterparty!

DC: Summer + Linkki green + Teekkari cap

PRICE: 12 € (includes the overall patch)

Ilmoittautuneet / Registrants

Anton Partanen

Olli Harju

Tomi Tykkyläinen

Jani Järviluoto

Aino Lahnalampi

Juho Eskelinen

Joel Leppänen

Samu Hasegawa

Väinö Jalkanen

Ilppo Piiroinen

Ida Kettuoja

Pyry Ruusunen

Sofia Ala-Ketola

Terho Nissilä

Ville Kukkonen

Otto Tarnanen

Antto Tukia

Heikki Salko

Matias Säämäki

Veeti Kuivalainen

Varasijalla / In queue

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