PikkuVaaliJouluKokous 2022

About PikkuVaaliJouluKokous

Linkki’s traditional PikkuVaaliJouluKokous is here again! What the heck is a PikkuVaaliJouluKokous?

Linkki holds an event that combines elections and Christmas party together every year! You are all welcome to join the party at Otaranta Rooftop Sauna on 13th of December from 5 pm onwards where there are Christmas foods, beverages, sauna and good company! The meeting will start at 6 pm sharp and will be held in Finnish. And in addition, you get to vote, who gets to be a part of Linkki’s board in 2023!

If you are interested to run for Linkki’s board, you can do so on this webpage or at the meeting. Even if you are not interested to run for the board, you can still come and enjoy the food, drinks and company of other Linkki members at Otaranta!

Please note that there is also a registration for attendees in order to scale the food and drinks to be served. The registration for food and drinks will close on 9th of December.

The agenda and meeting invitation will be sent by email (in Finnish).


What happens in the elections?

Elections are held every year in order to determine the chairperson, secretary and treasurer and 1-5 other board members. The other board members will be assigned a duty in the first board meeting. Board meetings are held in Finnish. The term for the board is one calendar year.

The following descriptions about the board tasks are according to this year (2022). Only the chair, secretary and treasurer are chosen as those members, and the next board will choose which roles other members will have. 

  • Ensures that Linkki’s actions are legal, according to the rules and functional
  • Leads the board and keeps up other members’ motivation and wellbeing
  • Makes the agenda for board and association meetings
  • Ensures that events are planned well ahead
  • Helps the treasurer create the budget and the financial statements
  • Writes the transcripts for board meetings
  • Is responsible for the maintenance of Linkki’s website
  • Is responsible of Linkki’s money and property
  • Creates a budget and financial statement together with chair
  • Maintains the list of members
Vice chair
  • Takes care of the chair’s tasks when they are unable to do so
  • Has previously organized a trip to the Väylät & Liikenne event 
  • Is responsible for representing Linkki together with the chair
Corporate relations responsible
  • Acquires sponsors to support Linkki’s activities
  • Organizes excursions together with the rest of the board
  • Usually organizes the trip to the biennial RATA seminar event
  • In charge of the internal and external communication in different forums
  • Responsible for the website management related to events
  • In charge of Linkki’s email lists
Event manager
  • Is in charge of organizing sitsis and parties
  • Takes care of stuff related to Linkkis fun and event related activities
Social media manager
  • Is in charge of Linkki’s social media

In addition to board tasks, there are a few specific official tasks. These are corporate relations assistant, event official and foreign excursion responsible. Up to one person is chosen as corporate relations assistant, up to two people as foreign excursion responsible and any number of people as event official. In addition to these one can apply for other official. The following descriptions are for the named officials.

Corporate relations assistant
  • Helps organizing and inform about excursions
Event official
  • Helps the board to organize sitsit and other events
Foreign excursion responsible
  • Surveys about the members willingness for an excursion, to possible destinations and to becoming a foreign excursion helper
  • Can recruit any number of foreign excursion helpers
  • Carries out a possible foreign excursion and gets all needed sponsors for that
  • Reports of how the excursion went afterwards

Running for board and voting

In order to run for the chairperson, you need to be a full member of Linkki and in addition half of the board needs to consist of full members. The descriptions of board 2022 and the officials will be added on this page in November. If you have any questions about the election or what it is like to part of the board, don’t hesitate to ask any of the current board members! The board will host a short introduction of every role in our Instagram too @Linkki_ry.

You can run for Linkki’s board in this page or at the meeting itself.

Please note that you need to be a member of Linkki in order to vote in the election. There is right of speech and presense for all Linkki members and every full member has one (1) vote in the election. Proxy votes are not allowed. If you are not sure about the status of your membership, please contact our treasurer Oskari (Tg: @nummelo).

See you at PikkuVaaliJouluKokous!

Registration in order for us to scale the food

Your submission will not be visible on the website. The registration will end on 9th of December at 11.55 pm.

Apply to be part of the board or to be an official

Your name and choices will be visible on this page.

People who have applied

Nimi/NameHaen hallitukseen/BoardHaen toimihenkilöksi/The officials
Eeti Ahola
  • Tapahtumatoimari / Event official
Ville Kukkonen
  • Hallituksen jäsen / Member of the board
Joel Leppänen
  • Hallituksen jäsen / Member of the board
Ilmari Pyykkö
  • Tapahtumatoimari / Event official
Ida Kettuoja
  • Hallituksen jäsen / Member of the board
Terho Nissilä
  • Sihteeri / Secretary
  • Hallituksen jäsen / Member of the board
Aino Lahnalampi
  • Puheenjohtaja / Chair
  • Hallituksen jäsen / Member of the board
Väinö Jalkanen
  • Ulkoexcuvastaava / Foreign excursion planner
Anton Partanen
  • Ulkoexcuvastaava / Foreign excursion planner
Samu Hasegawa
  • Rahastonhoitaja / Treasurer
  • Hallituksen jäsen / Member of the board
Nimi/NameHaen hallitukseen/BoardHaen toimihenkilöksi/The officials

By submitting the form, you agree that the information you provide will be processed in connection with the event and that your name may be published on this page. The information you provide will only be considered in connection with the event and will be deleted after the event.