The abroad excursion

The abroad excursion trip of Linkki is happening again! The journey to pulsating urban design sites with attractive traffic solutions and unexpected surprises begins early on Wednesday morning, 20th of September and ends on Monday 25th of Sept noon. The trip includes diverse number of language areas, vehicles, beautiful pedestrian streets as well as getting to know places of both professional and aesthetic interest. For environmental reasons, the trip will include only one flight.

The registration will be open from the 31st of May at 5.30 pm until the 9th of June. The own contribution of each participant will be between 270-350 €, the exact amount will be informed later. The first installment of €150 must be paid by June 30th, the second installment (its amount will be specified) by August 15th. The maximum number of participants is 16 people. All Linkki members interested in creative urban and traffic planning, green tracks and wine quality are welcome!

Inquieries: Anton Partanen @ajp_anton and Väinö Jalkanen @jalkanen

  • The trip is for Linkki’s Student members only. If you are uncertain about your membership, please be in touch with Linkki’s Treasurer (Samu Hasegawa,
  • The trip will be paid in two installments. The first installment is 150 euros and the due date is 30.6.2023. The second installment’s due date is 15.8.2022.
  • It is possible to cancel or make changes to the registration until 9.6.2023 by contacting the organizers.
  • After the registration has closed, the registration and attendance fee are binding. After that, the participant can get a refund (excl. plane tickets and other costs without possibility for a name change) only if the participant finds another person to take their place. Otherwise the participant is responsible for all costs that are non-refundable. It is not possible to make any changes to the plane tickets, therefore the plane tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • Participants should have a valid ISIC card during the trip. You can buy the digital card from Frank app for a price of 4 euros.

Ilmoittautuneet / Registrants

FirstLastLempikulkuneuvo ulkomailla/Favorite vehicle abroad
SamuHasegawaJuna nopea semmonen
JoonaAspegrenSilja Serenade
Kare Johan VisuriJohanJuna
FirstLastLempikulkuneuvo ulkomailla/Favorite vehicle abroad

Varasijalla / In queue

FirstLastLempikulkuneuvo ulkomailla/Favorite vehicle abroad
FirstLastLempikulkuneuvo ulkomailla/Favorite vehicle abroad