All Aalto University students and staff, and other persons interested in transportation and infrastructure engineering, are welcome to join Linkki. When you graduate, you can join as an old member. If you are a bachelor’s or master’s freshman, your first term is free!

To become a member, fill the following form, or contact our treasurer directly. Backers are of course welcome as well. For a small sponsorship fee, the logo of your company or association will be placed on the Linkki website and you will have access to our mailing list for recruiting purposes. We are always up for organizing something in collaboration with our sponsors. Get in touch with the board if you are interested!


Account number: FI701309 3000 2023 25

Ammattiainekerho Linkki ry

  • Student member (AYY member): 8,00€ (membership lasts the entire duration of your studies), reference number 7003
  • Auxiliary member: 3,00€ (membership lasts one term), reference number 7016
  • Old member (graduated, lifetime membership): 10,00€, reference number 7029

To pay in cash, you can contact a board member.

Jäseneksi liittyminen

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